Get Into the Switchel

Local Store Shopkeep

Did you know that The Local Store carries Switchel? Do you know what switchel is? YOU SHOULD. Switchel is a sweet, ginger-infused root farmer's beverage made popular by the haymakers who drank it during the 19th-century in the Midwest.

In The Long Winter, Laura Ingalls Wilder describes a switchel-like beverage that her mother had sent for Laura and her father to drink while haying: "Ma had sent them ginger-water. She had sweetened the cool well-water with sugar, flavored it with vinegar, and put in plenty of ginger to warm their stomachs so they could drink till they were not thirsty. Ginger-water would not make them sick, as plain cold water would when they were so hot." 

Our switchel from Superior Switchel is made with filtered water, ginger*, raw apple cider vinegar*, raw MN honey, and cinnamon.* It's caffeine-, dairy-, preservative-, gluten-, and soy- free, with organic ingredients. Non-GMO.

*USDA Certified Organic Ingredients *Paleo-friendly.

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