1st Place: Salina Heller (WEAU)
2nd Place: Judy Clark (WEAU)
3rd Place: Sarah Stokes (WEAU)

Have you ever woken up at 6 AM? We had to, one time, and it was pretty gross – sleep encrusted eyes, slurred words, and a robust good morning belch. That experience makes this year’s best local TV news anchor’s accomplishments all the more impressive, because Salina Heller musters her perky appeal every morning before most of us even think about getting out of bed. As TV-13’s morning anchor, she blends just the right amount of news seriousness, casual banter with Mark or Andrew, bright outfits, and pre-dawn smiles to start the morning off right. She’s like the Lucky Charms of morning news. The women of WEAU also round out second and third place. Long-time local favorite Judy Clark, who handles the 5 o’clock news, took second place with her well-practiced delivery, and Sarah Stokes, who co-anchors the 10 o’clock news and has her own weekend show, earned third. – Eric Rasmussen

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