Best of the Chippewa Valley 2009



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1st Place: Starr’s Sister
2nd Place: The Hair Den
3rd Place: Sport Clips

Everyone has had hair on his or her head at some point in their life; and most of us like to keep it trimmed, styled, or otherwise managed. Attempts at doing that yourself usually end in tragedy, and that’s why we look to places like Starr’s Sister Salon. With unique décor, friendly service, and consistently satisfying results, Starr’s Sister has been making sure that everyone keeps looking good from the neck up. The Hair Den in downtown Eau Claire brings a contemporary salon to a former barbershop, and offers quality results to men and women in a professional atmosphere. Sport Clips is like the Valhalla of men’s haircuts. I know it’s a stretch, but with a constant stream of sports, massages, steamed towels, and guy-tuned haircuts, it’s hard not to feel like it would be an alright place to end up after the inevitability of Ragnarok. – Aryn Widule

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