1st Place: School board cuts to elementary art
2nd Place: The one none of us knows about
3rd Place: College student river drowning conspiracy
With reductions to teaching positions and increases to athletic fees, local media seemed a tad too tied up with the school board cuts in spring to mention little old elementary art, which went from 60 minutes a week down to 45 and likewise had position cuts. That’s a big deal, but I don’t have to tell you – you voted it the biggest unreported story. Of course, it’s always safe to go with the one none of us knows about. There’s bound to be one, right? The story that will be on the radars of Eau Claire and La Crosse for years to come is the college student river drowning conspiracy that some believe to be more than a series of drunken accidents and maybe, just maybe, a ridiculously clever serial killer is behind it all. I don’t think that. Just some people do. – Trevor Kupf

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