1st Place: Stones Throw
2nd Place: School board cuts
3rd Place: The economy

Nobody likes to be disappointed, but every once in a while it happens to all of us. The Stones Throw is one of the most popular and iconic music venues Eau Claire has ever had. Big acts broke there, returned there, and played alongside local groups for years. Despite some great moments of success, the venue’s most recent owners ducked out in summer, leaving it vacant yet again. Facing a huge deficit the Eau Claire School Board was forced to make a number of large cuts this year, and any time you take positions away from education, or tell it that you don’t have enough money for it, the community suffers. As a follow-up, I think we can all agree that the economy has been about as much of a disappointment as finding out your 13 year-old has picked up smoking. The only difference is your child picking up a bad habit won’t make you lose your job and get kicked out of your house. – Aryn Widule

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