URGENT: The City of Altoona Wants Your Art

Katie Reidt

Pedestals in Altoona's River Prairie Park, soon to hold local art.
Pedestals in Altoona's River Prairie Park, soon to hold local art.

Altoona’s River Prairie Development has been progressing for several years, soon to make its debut this fall. Located along the banks of the Eau Claire River, the park area of the development  uses the site’s natural beauty as a primary draw for visitors and residents, offering something for everyone – including original works of art.

The City of Altoona is currently accepting proposals from qualified artists interested in creating or providing sculptures to bring character to River Prairie Park. The sculptures will be mounted upon existing pedestals and will be highly visible within the park space to both pedestrian and automobile traffic. These proposed sculptures will be a primary focal point within the park.

The City hopes to install four sculptures that reflect the values upon which the park was envisioned and constructed. Those values include:

• Promoting environmental quality and highlighting the sites natural attributes
• Creating a space that is welcoming to all individuals and that promotes diversity, inclusion and engagement
• Promoting activities that reflect the concepts of Hygge (Danish) and Koselig (Norwegian)
• Creating a unique identity for River Prairie and the City of Altoona
• Providing a space of fun and wonderment for children and adults alike
• Creating a convivial atmosphere through programming diverse events
• Delivering a space that promotes healthy activities and choices

To be eligible for this opportunity, professional artists must reside in either Wisconsin or Minnesota, or with a direct tie to the Chippewa Valley in some other manner. Applicants must design an interactive, dynamic/kinetic, engaging, and adjustable piece of art, providing one or all four sculptures.

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Deadline: Friday, July 28, 2pm

Proposals must be received by Friday, July 28 at 2pm. Artists can mail or drop off six hard copies at 1303 Lynn Avenue (Altoona)  or email a PDF file of their proposal to michaelg@ci.altoona.wi.us. In addition, they submit the following information:

1. Current resume(s) of artist(s) working on project with contact information (limit one page per artist).

2. Letter of Interest addressing how artist would approach the project (limit two pages).

3. List of a minimum of three (3) professional references per artist including name, address, phone number, and email address of each reference. Please include any references you may have related to work completed on any government of municipal art project. (limit one page per artist).

4. Ten (10) JPG images of previous works that most closely reflect the pieces being proposed. Images should be numbered and titled with the artist’s last name (i.e.01-Jones) and also include a brief description of each work, title of artwork, location, medium, size, and, if a commissioned project, the budget. If the piece was purchased outright, rather than commissioned, please include the sales price. (limit 10 pages)

5. A narrative and drawing illustrating the proposed sculpture(s) concept and identifying medium, dimensions, colors, style of work, method of installation, and artistic intent. (limit two pages per proposed sculpture).

6. Itemized budget including all costs such as artist’s fee, design, fabrication, and installation costs to include transportation and insurance during installation. Artist will be paid a lump sum for proposed work. (limit two pages)

7. The awarded artist budget will be all inclusive of the project costs, including artist’s fees and expenses, taxes, materials, fabrication and installation. The City will provide for site preparation and the physical ground foundation (concrete slab) for the art piece. Transportation, travel, liability insurance and installation are the responsibility of the artist.

8. Detailed installation plan. (limit one page)

All questions or requests should be directed to Mike Golat, City Administrator, at (715) 839-6092. Address and email information is listed below:

City of Altoona
Mike Golat
1303 Lynn Avenue
Altoona, WI 54720

River Prairie Park - Art Project Timeline

Call for Artist/RFP Release (7/12/17)
Site walk-through (7/20/17 – 2pm – River Prairie Center)
Deadline for Proposals (7/28/17 – 2pm)
Proposal Review & Consideration (7/31/17 – 8/4/17)
Select & Contract Artist (week of 8/7/17—council action on 8/7)
Fabrication of Art Pieces (8/8/17 – 9/22/17)
Artist Progress Report (9/14/17)
Art Piece(s) Completed & Installed (9/23/17)
Unveiling of Art Piece(s)/Press Event (9/30/17)


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