Stout art professor represents in The Big Apple

Elena Montanye

“River Study” by UW-Stout’s Tim Tozer
“River Study” by UW-Stout’s Tim Tozer

While students in UW-Stout’s School of Art and Design are often recognized for providing top notch work (like so), the focus will be shifted a bit this summer – to shed some light on a member of its faculty. Assistant professor Tim Tozer has two paintings featured in art shows this summer in New York City, and “impressive” doesn’t even begin to describe them.

Tozer’s painting “River Study” is in the eighth annual New York Academy of Art Summer Exhibition, which runs through July 12. Tozer said that the painting was intended to be his “exploration of an old archetype in art – bathers beside a body of water.” A second, more abstract piece titled “Trefool,” will be seen in the 23rd annual Bowery Gallery show from July 31 to August 16.

This isn’t Tozer’s first art rodeo; the England native came to the U.S. after receiving the coveted Andy Warhol Scholarship at the New York Academy of Art. According to Stout, he’s since had a number of paintings featured in shows all across the country.

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