Chad Lewis Discovers Mysterious America

Dustin Hahn

A former Eau Claire resident and graduate of UW-Stout has begun a new adventure … on national television. Chad Lewis is a paranormal researcher who has traveled the globe in search of the mysterious and unknown. Some of the places he has visited include Puerto Rico, in search of Chupacabras, Ireland, to find ghosts in ancient castles and Transylvania – staking out vampires of course. His knowledge and experience has earned him an expert spot on the TV show Monsters and Mysteries in America which airs on Discovery’s Destination America Channel. (Destination America is channel 157 if you’ve got Charter Cable in Eau Claire.) A few of the Wisconsin cases Lewis discusses on the show are the Wendigo of Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, the sea serpent of Lake Pepin, and the werewolves of Wisconsin forests. Lewis will be featured as an expert in six of the 12 episodes of the show’s second season. The first episode he appeared on aired Dec. 29, so catch them before this season disappears.

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