Where you gonna vote today?

Mike Paulus

Any idea where you’re supposed to vote today (in that big election thing you’ve gotten 4,000+ phone calls about)? If not, don’t be ashamed. It happens to a lot of people.

Although it is pretty busy today, Wisconsin has a great website to help you find exactly where you go to act like an American citizen (as opposed to someone who simply lives here for the super easy access to fast food and television). They’re not the prettiest of websites, but they get the job done.

Use your name or address to look up your polling place right here: https://myvote.wi.gov/

If you're a UWEC student, go here.
Stouties can go right here.

Once you figure out what ward or precinct or sector or zone or quadrant or whatever you belong to ... then you can make the magic happen. And don't forget the proper ID! Happy voting.

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