Michael Perry's new book hits #21 on New York Times bestseller list

photos by Andrea Paulseth, Mike Paulus

Just a quick note about and huge "congratulations" for Chippewa Valley author/all around good guy Michael Perry, who's latest book Visiting Tom has hit the New York Times bestseller list at #21. From SneezingCow.com ...

Visiting Tom made the New York Times bestseller list (click here to see). Just like when I used to check my grades when they were posted in nursing school, you’ll have to run your finger down to #21 before you find my name, but I couldn’t be more grateful. So many readers, so much word-of-mouth, so much hand-selling, so many miles, and if I never make the list again I will always cherish the late-night road-side email from my editor giving me the news.

Way to go Mike! 'Tis a great book. May we recomend a signed copy?

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