Tuesday: “New community arts center” announcement

V1 Staff

Downtown Eau Claire, where lots of stuff is happening.
Downtown Eau Claire, where lots
of stuff is happening.

An important press release was, well, released to local media today regarding a press conference set for next Tuesday (5/15) at noon at the RCU Corporate Center. Issued via email by Clear Vision Eau Claire, the PR tells us to expect a big, huge, noteworthy, and large announcement concerning a “major new downtown development project.” The meeting is also open to the public. From the email ...

Clear Vision Eau Claire will announce on Tuesday, May 15 a public-private partnership that intends to construct a transformative urban project that includes a new community arts center, university student housing and commercial retail complex in downtown Eau Claire. The announcement will be at noon in the Eau Claire River Room at the RCU Corporate Center at 200 Riverfront Terrace in downtown Eau Claire.

So. Get ready. Because this is big. We’re not saying that Volume One is currently in possession of some advanced informational tidbits concerning the announcement, but ... we’re totally swimming in tidbits up in here.

SO LOOK TO OUR WEBSITE on Tuesday, May 15 at noon for the entire scoop of the whole enchilada, folks. It’s gonna to be pretty dang tasty.

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