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Vernon's Chigliak label goes live, announces Amateur Love reissue

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by Thom Fountain

A young band of ruffians called Amateur Love, after tearing that house down with their <br />musical talent.
A young band of ruffians called Amateur Love, after tearing that house down
with their musical talent.

It's about dang time after all that teasing.

For the last year or so Justin Vernon, Bon Iver frontman and the face of Eau Claire to many around the world, has been hinting at a new project. Chigliak, as it's called, is a label that would release vinyl editions of "extraordinary albums that were never commercially released" — focusing on hometown hero types. The group that kept coming up as an example was Eau Claire's own Amateur Love. 

Well, that's finally happening and, appropriately, Volume One has the scoop on this super local story. Vernon and his team announced Chigliak and the reissue of Amateur Love's "It's All Aquatic" today, with a release on May 22. 

"It's All Aquatic" will be available in digital and on vinyl. Right now, you can stream  "Con/A Sewer/Cat" at Soundcloud. The vinyl copies will also include a digital download of unreleased tracks recorded by Minneapolis great Ev Olcott.

Vernon did a write up on the site about Chigliak and Amateur Love:

What Amateur Love means to the history of Eau Claire music is representative of everything we set out to illuminate with this record label. Our goal is to release records that hold weight in people’s hearts. For us, it’s notable to point out that one person’s favorite record of all time may have only existed in bedrooms that were within 100 miles of each other

... Amateur Love is the most popular band this town has ever known, and for good reason. It is not in our estimation that the re-issuing of “It’s All Aquatic” will project the band into that great popularity. No, we just hope to give the music a further chance to live on… for those who adored and those who never had the chance."

- Justin Vernon on Amateur Love

You'll most likely be able to preorder the record from Chigliak and we'll have it here at the Local Store when it comes out.

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