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Chris Porterfield gives you a Field Report

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by Thom Fountain

Christopher Porterfield, shown here peering into your sheltered heart.
Christopher Porterfield, shown here piercing your soul. Photo: by CJ Foeckler

In a series of kind of weird, cryptic tweets the Counting Crows (yes, the Mr. Jones guys) announced the next act to play at their South by Southwest showcase The Outlaw Roadshow – Field Reports.

Field Reports is the new project of (apparently defunct) Conrad Plymouth frontman and former Deyarmond Edison-er/local dude Chris Porterfield, who now lives in Milwaukee. The rest of the live band is made up of Nick Berg, Travis Whitty, Damian Strigens, and Jeff Mitchell. Looks like the Field Reports record was recorded at Justin Vernon's April Base studio in Fall Creek and will be premiered with this show at SXSW. After that, they'll be opening for Megafaun on a tour across the U.S. of A.

Ryan's Smashing Life, the blog that is cosponsoring the 'Outlaw' showcase, posted two songs by Field Report: one reworked Conrad Plymouth song and a new track altogether. You can listen to some unmastered mixes right here and read more from the blog post ...

 The result is a haunting set of songs that are both crafty and poignant. After sending a few unfinished tracks to select people, the response was immediate and impactful: producer Paul Kolderie (Radiohead, Warren Zevon, The Pixies, Uncle Tupelo) fell in love with them and offered to mix the record, which he did in February 2012. SXSW will be the world debut of Field Report, after which they hit the road as main support on Megafaun’s national tour. Field Report joins the 19 act lineup at The Outlaw Roadshow this St. Patrick's Day. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of something new and great.

– Ryan's Smashing Life (3/7/12)

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