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Former local creates killer iPad app

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by Lauryn Seering

Keep reading and this image will make sense.

If you read Volume One in its early days  (were talking first issue early), you may remember an article mentioning former Eau Clairian Justin Johnson and his early low-budget film efforts. You may also remember Justin from a few years back as the guy who created one of the world's sweetest "Will you marry me?" videos where he proposed to his then girlfriend ... and then posted it everywhere – which is to say he rigged it so all users of the social media/blogging platform Tumblr saw the video when his now-wife did. (It was basically the social media equivalent of a public proposal at a baseball game via JumboTron, except, you know, way cooler.)

Above: an all-that app.
Above: an app that is all that.

Now he’s making digital waves again. Johnson created the iPad/iPhone app Video Time Machine with Matt Capucilli. Video Time Machine allows you to select a year and a category of YouTube video and browse/watch the results. Wanna watch educational videos from the 1950s about how to be popular? Oh yeah, go for it.

As the iTunes summary states, “Watch over 10,000 hand-picked videos from 1860 to 2011.” (You can buy/download the app for both iPad and iPhone here). 

But here's the big news. Yesterday (June 28), the app ranked #1 in the iPad Entertainment category and #2 on the iPhone Entertainment category – and #10 for the iPad overall. We're talking about some serious downloads.

AND TODAY, the Video Time Machine is battling Angry Birds for #1 on iPad overall. So congrats to Justin and company – we hope you kick those bird's angry butts.

And also! You don't even need an iPad or iPhone to enjoy this magic. The app, created by Original Victories Inc., is based on their Youtube Time Machine website. YTTM for short, the site is the web-based version of Video Time Machine. Slap your eyeballs on it here. Have fun!

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