JPB music video shot at Sea Horse Inn

Trevor Kupfer, photos by Trevor Kupfer

Everyone who has been there knows Eau Claire’s Sea Horse Inn is a time capsule. To walk into that place, for karaoke or otherwise, is to willingly step back to the 70s – or maybe The Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. Well, this ironically embraced watering hole got a proper homage on the evening of June 16, as The Jim Pullman Band and an entourage of family, friends, and local audiophiles got together to shoot a music video.

Pimped out in ’70s garb like leisure suits and feathered wigs, the band and company created a visual short story of the track You Don’t Dump the Boys, They Just Lose Their Turn from their upcoming album Jackals & Wolves (to be dropped on Aug. 18 in Phoenix Park). The story involves a seasoned barfly (played by Clancy’s bartender Sarah Miller) making her rounds amongst the guys (Matt Florence, Billy Siegel, and Eric Lee among them) and ultimately landing on Eric “Pedals” Thompson in the back of a retro Lincoln.

V1sters Tyler Griggs and myself took part in the shoot, orchestrated by Randy House and The JPB Band, which also included scenes on the dance floor, around the bar, in the bathroom, and, of course, singing karaoke. And not just any karaoke, but the JPB song mixed and made into video for their in-house karaoke system. If you can’t tell that it was a fun enterprise to take part in, then it’s because of my poor photography skills – because it was awesome.

Anyway, check out some photos below and keep an eye out for both the video and album.

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