Local flute god nominated for Grammy

V1 Staff

Local god of flutes.

Well, you can add Grammy nominee to local Native American flute god Peter Phippen’s already hefty resumé. The 53rd Grammy Awards have nominated Phippen in their Best Native American Music Album (vocal or instrumental) category. Check it out – scroll down to #71 to see Phippen’s considerably titled Woodnotes Wyld: Historic Flute Sounds From The Dr. Richard W. Payne Collection listed amongst the four nominees. (Listen.)

Grammy worthy.
(Grammy worthy.)

Dang. It's about time. Phippen’s been at the flute business for over twenty years – actively collecting, researching, constructing, and performing with an array of flutes from around the world. He’s released over twenty recordings. If the name is ringing a bell you may have seen Phippen fluting it up at concerts around the Valley, or giving presentations at local schools. (He seems as much about education as he is about music.) At any rate, I bet you’ve noticed the image posted above somewhere around town. And as this year’s Grammy nomination indicates, his music reaches well beyond the Chippewa Valley.

Phippen also plays bass in popular local band Sassy Magoo, which we’ve bothered mentioning just so we can type “Sassy Magoo.”

On February 13, the 53rd Grammy Awards will announce their winners, so cross your fingers and cheer Phippen on. Congrats, Peter!

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