South Barstow redesign update!

Mike Paulus

We’ve got a bit of an update on the S. Barstow Street redesign/reconstruction project. This week, the city threw up the bat signal for proposals on the project. (Side note: it’d be cool if we had a giant Request for Proposals spotlight to blaze across the night sky, but sadly ... we don’t).

The approximate deadline for proposal submissions is September 22. We hear the city hopes to pick a firm to handle the project, create an official agreement, and hold a meeting betwixt them and the Eau Claire City Council by October 26-ish (the council’s second legislative session that month).

So, we’d expect the window for public input to (roughly) run from November 2010 through June 2011. And we’d hope the public outreach on the project to be at least as intensive as SEH Inc.’s process for the Hasting’s Way redesign.

As long as we’re engaging in some Eau Claire Street TalkTM, you can read all about the current state of the Hastings Way redesign in the latest issue of Volume One. To wit:

  • After several months and more than 700 comments, Short Elliott Hendrickson, the company hired by the city as consultant for the Hastings Way project, is ready to unveil redesign possibilities at a Sept. 9 meeting.
  • “You’ll actually see some alternatives of the roadway,” SEH engineer Randy Sanford said ... read more.

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