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Show Review: Irie Sol at the Snout Saloon

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by John Abbott

It was a wild party at the Snout Saloon. It was a struggle to get from the front door to the dance floor. The house was packed and lively. And, for a good reason. The band Irie Sol is the pinnacle of a party band to come to the Snout. Their music is an interesting mix of traditional reggae and poppy hip-hop, rappin' to a reggae beat, and I loved it!

I will confess, I don't listen to a lot of reggae. Maybe a few times a year I get in a Bob Marley mood. Sometimes a little UB-40. So I am by no means an expert on the genre. I know a good time when I see it though, and the bar was overflowing with those.

The really great thing about Irie Sol is where they are taking reggae music. They are doing some of their stuff as a hip-hop crossover and I find this very exciting. I really like how they are bringing in some rap style vocal delivery.

Another thing I love about an Irie Sol show is audience involvement …

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