Nine Years of Noise at Nate’s Dungeon

Nate Dungeon

That’s right everybody, it has been nine years since Nate’s Dungeon began bringing doom and dread to the sleepy residents of the East Hill and greater Eau Claire area. On Tuesday, July 28, it will have been nine years and one day, in fact. My dungeon will be featuring the return of Dios Mio from their west coast tour, plus local veteran rock group FanOffBirdSafe  – along with touring bands Suburban Smash from St. Louis, Rust Belt Lights, and Get Back Up from Buffalo N.Y. I’m partly writing about the show to promote it and partly to toot my own horn a bit, I suppose. I’ve been running the dungeon for almost a decade (next year: DECADE OF DUNGEON! I know, you can’t wait) the next closest place among the dungeon ilk (d.i.y. basement venues) would be the Alamo in Minneapolis which has been going for 5 years. Now, Volume One consistently writes about how Eau Claire is a strong place for music, and I would just like to highlight what I’ve just said about the dungeon along those lines and I’ll keep it short ...

When some kid with the backing of friends (and an undeniably amazing mother) can continue to put on punk rock shows and influence kids to do their own thing for almost a decade while making no money and shedding  blood, sweat, and tears is an awesome thing. So call some more dudes and come on down to Nate’s Dungeon next Tuesday, especially if you’ve never been here and check out one of the reasons Eau Claire’s music scene is rad.

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