Hey, "Average Joe Six Pack..."

Nick Meyer

Thursday night’s vice presidential battle between Palin and Biden was one of the most highly anticipated VP debates in history, posting massive ratings on several networks. Both had good things to say, but I want to talk about the remarkable character that is Sarah Palin.

At this point Palin has taken what was originally her honest, real “folksy” personality, and (no doubt with the help of some strategic coaching) has manufactured an over-the-top, caricaturized, down-home “brand.” Every sound byte is sprinkled with a series of catch phrases, clichés, and cheesy lines she seems to think "hockey moms" across the country will respond to. So I want to know, do they work?

Whether you support her or not, you’ve got to admit she’s either A) pretty charismatic, or B) pretty hysterical. Regardless, here were a few of my favorite of her phrases of the night, all delivered in that now classic Palin accent:

  • “Dog gone it”
  • “You betcha”
  • “Average Joe-Six-Pack”
  • “A coupla mavericks”
  • “I gotta give a shout out”
  • “Say it ain’t so Joe!”
  • “At the end of the day, it’s gonna be ok”

With that lexicon and a series of no less than three winks at the camera, I’m guessing you either love her or hate her.

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