Leinie's Makes the Map ... And That’s It

Mike Paulus

If you like passing references to locally-made beer in large, progressive online magazines, then get ready – happy rainbows are about to blast from your nostrils. The beer-guzzling reporters over at Salon.com recently posted a rundown of their favorite brews in a piece called “The United States of cheap beer.” (To read, you’ll need to click through an ad.)

Well, Leinenkugel's did not make the cut. I guess that’s good, right? Not sure. But! They thought the vintage Leinie’s label was pretty enough for the article’s main graphic, as you can see above. And they did see fit to plug Midwest standards like Old Style from La Crosse, Old Milwaukee, Blatz, Milwaukee’s Best (The Beast), Hamm’s from St. Paul, and the first beer I ever drank in large quantities with my dad – Grain Belt from Minneapolis.