Wednesday, Mar. 4th, 2015

Music Quick Hits | Mar. 4, 2015

North House
North House

Electronic producer North House (aka Alex Tronson) just released a brand new pop single “Dirt Nap” with a promise of a forthcoming EP. The song chirps with a pitched Lana Del Rey sample and throbs with sunny synths unearthed by intricate drum programming. The EC-via-Minneapolis beatmaker has not only his own EP on the way in the coming weeks, but a four-day statewide tour DJing and performing with Eau Claire rapper Sayth in mid-March dubbed “The Get Lit Quick Tour.” Smart logic says the EP – Tronson’s proper debut – will drop sometime before or around the tour. 

JE Sunde • Photo by Jesse Johnson
JE Sunde • Photo by Jesse Johnson

An array of different people and faces mouth the words to JE Sunde’s “I’m Gonna Disappoint You” in the folk singer’s new video for the single off of 2014’s Shapes The Kiss The Lips Of God. The video for the single was directed by Josh Ford. You can catch JE Sunde pioneering the first-ever Music At The Minema night at the Flyway Minema in Pepin on March 7. Sunde will be joined by Minneapolis violinist LOTT (Leah Ottman), who currently performs with former locals, We Are The Willows. 

S. Carey’s Supermoon EP is available now via Jagjaguwar records. During the astronomical (and social media) phenomenon known as a Supermoon in August, S. Carey sat down to harness the moon’s power and record an EP. The result was stripped-down re-workings of two of Carey’s songs from his 2014 album Range Of Light, one brand new tune, and a Radiohead cover. Carey is currently living-room-touring the West Coast.

A new collective of bands including the Mike Rambo ProjectHoneytree, and 513FREE is putting together a collaborative concept album centered around the idea of “toxic charity,” or put simply: When helping hurts. Details are scarce on the fundraising album from the yet-to-be-named collective, but it is scheduled to release this fall.

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Wednesday, Feb. 11th, 2015

Eaux Claires headliners include Bon Iver, The National, Spoon, and more

After three-fourths of the Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival (July 17 and 18) lineup was announced via custom letters and social media last weekend, organizers have released the full lineup this morning, with headliners Bon Iver (in their first performance since 2012), The National, Sufjan Stevens, Spoon, and the Indigo Girls (performing their classic 1994 album Swamp Ophelia).

Check out our special interview with the core Eaux Claires organizers – curators Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner, creative director Michael Brown, and "fest narrator" Michael Perry:

Eaux Claires Headliners

Bon Iver
The National
Sufjan Stevens
Indigo Girls (performing Swamp Ophelia)

A few new additions below, as well.
The full lineup:

Aero Flynn
Allan Kingdom
Blind Boys of Alabama
Bon Iver
Boys Noize
Charles Bradley
Colin Stetson
Elliot Moss
Field Report
Francis and the Lights
Grandma Sparrow
Haley Bonar
Hiss Golden Messenger
Indigo Girls performing Swamp Ophelia
The Lone Bellow
Marijuana Deathsquads
The National
No-BS! Brass Band
Phil Cook
Retribution Gospel Choir
S. Carey
Sam Amidon
Spooky Black
The Staves
Sturgill Simpson
Sufjan Stevens
Sylvan Esso
The Tallest Man On Earth
and more announcments to come ...

Tickets for the experiential art festival go on sale Thursday (2-12) at 12pm CST. Two-day general admission passes are $135 and enhanced “Chippewa Passes” – which come with unlimited beer and soft drinks during show hours and a keepsake mug – at $250. Camping passes are sold separately and start at $100.

Vernon and Dessner booked the festival themselves and made sure to include an incredibly diverse lineup of friends and collaborators from the likes of gospel group The Blind Boys of Alabama to the Japanese noise rock of Melt-Banana. There’s strong local-ish hip hop representation by the likes of Lizzo, Doomtree, and Allan Kingdom while other Minneapolis acts like psych-electronic noisemakers Marijuana Deathsquads and Spooky Black bring the heat from the Cities.

Of course, look for members of the Eau Claire family like S. Carey, Field Report, Phil Cook, and Aero Flynn to show up as well as chamber pop prince, Sufjan Stevens – whose upcoming record featured instrumentation by Eau Clairians Sean Carey and Ben Lester.

For more details about the Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival, see and follow the festival on Twitter @EauxClairesWi, Instagram @EauxClairesWi, and Facebook /EauxClairesWi

Eaux Claires Announcement 2015 

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Friday, Feb. 6th, 2015
Thursday, Feb. 5th, 2015

Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival releases bizarrely great teaser video

If you tuned in to Chippewa Valley Community Television any time in the last day or so, you might’ve been interrupted by glitchy visuals of grass blowing in the wind and a familiar, distorted voice saying, “Summer here comes on like a zaftig hippie chick, jazzed on chlorophyll and flinging fistfuls of butterflies to the sun.”

At that point, you might’ve dinked around on your remote or slapped your TV to fix the problem …

But it wasn’t a problem. It was simply a sharp guerrilla marketing teaser for this summer’s Justin Vernon-curated Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival.

And that distorted voice? That’s local best-selling author Michael Perry, the festival’s official “Narrator,” lending his signature words to the spastic imagery.

“The swamps grow spongy and pungent,” Perry’s pitchy voice trembles as the video cuts in and out. “Standing water goes warm and soupy, clotted with frog eggs and twitching with larvae. Along the ditches, heron-legged stalks of canary grass shoot six feet high and unfurl seed plumes. In the fields, the clover pops its blooms and corn trembles for the sky.”

Evoking the thick of Wisconsin summer in the middle of a trippy, grassy glitch seems like nonsense, but it’s actually more emblematic of the festival to come: Calculated? Check. Subtle? Check. Weird? Three checks. Cool as hell? Check. Mike Perry? Check.

But what’s amazing is the team behind the festival produced the mysterious 37-second spot to run exclusively on public access via CVCTV, only reaching those of us here in the Valley, among the corn and the chlorophyll.

You know, more and more cool things seem to be happening with the ever-mysterious art festival, so be sure to keep up to date at in the coming week for updates.

You can find CVCTV on Charter Digital at channels 993 & 994. You can find what times the Eaux Claires spots will run by visiting

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Tuesday, Jan. 20th, 2015

Get Your First Glimpse of Aero Flynn

Josh Scott of Aero Flynn (at the House of Rock, November of last year).
Josh Scott of Aero Flynn (at the House of Rock, November of last year).

You couldn't touch Amateur Love in the early 2000s. The band, made up of Brian Moen, Brad and Phil Cook, and headed up by frontman Josh Scott would routinely blow the doors off a packed Stone's Throw and shake a brimming House of Rock.

And then they stopped.

It’s been over ten years since Amateur Love played a show, and ever since, the ever-reclusive Scott has been – to put it modestly – laying low.

After years and years of dormancy, worry, and nothing, rumblings finally started last year about a finished recording from Scott: A project called Aero Flynn.

Eau Claire was treated to a rare Aero Flynn live performance in early November at the House of Rock along with Field Report and the promise of a nearby album. Now with a March 3 release date, a self-titled Aero Flynn debut is officially a go (via Brooklyn-based Ooh La La Records), with a starlit single called “Dk/Pi” to prove it.

Field Report’s Chris Porterfield took a front seat to the entire story in the early 2000s in Eau Claire and outlines it on the landing page of Aero Flynn’s newly launched website where you can also download the new single with an email address. You can read the whole letter at

“I believe that this record, this long-awaited record, is quite seriously a life-or-death record,” Porterfield writes. “Josh had to make it to stay alive. And it must be heard in the context of deferred health, deferred relationships, deferred dreams, deferred healing.”

The record was produced by Justin Vernon, who collected a band of a bunch of Bon Iver members and friends like Adam Hurlburt, Mike Noyce, Sean Carey, Ben Lester, Brian Moen, and Dave Power to assist in both the recording and the ensuing live show.

But at the center of it is Scott; enigmatic, infectious, brilliant, weird, troubled, and easily “spooked” – as Porterfield puts it. Porterfield writes with a somewhat unsettling urgency that makes you really believe that this is it for Scott.

“I’ll never cast dispersion on what someone has gone through, but I do know this: Josh Scott has been maimed by rock and roll,” Porterfield says. “I pray that it can save him.”

Through his personal struggles and his fragile state of being, it seems Josh Scott is poised to either make it or break. If the infectiously spacy “Dk/Pi” is any sort of indication, he won’t go down without a fight.

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