Irvine Park Zoo and Nature Area

With over 300 acres of natural and scenic beauty, this FREE park offers a zoo with cougars, bear, bison, tigers and many other wildlife and a petting zoo, scenic dam, museum, picnic shelters, restrooms and historical displays. Take a tour of…

Wilson Park

Band shell and ice rink in winter.

Riverside Park

Handicapped fishing bumpouts and new stairs connecting park with the Red Cedar Trail were also constructed.

Point Comfort Park

Handicap accessible restroom,handicap docks, the restroom, fishing pier and two boat launches have been constructed to provide handicap accessibility. A handicap trail has been added from the parking lot to the dock.

Phelan Park

Huge, with plenty of features for a number of different skill levels. All concrete with some great lines and a generally good flow. Includes a 6'vert, quarter, two 6' regular transitioned quarters, a small 4' bowled corner, pyramids, and…

Oakwood Hills Park

9.9 Acres. Basketball hoop, parking lot, play equipment, recreational field, shelter, sliding hill, toilet facilities, and grass volleyball court.

Sundet Park

5.1 Acres. Basketball hoops, nature trails, parking lot, play equipment, recreational field area, shelter, and toilet facilities.

Mitscher Park

2.9 Acres. Basketball hoops, hockey rink (snowbanked), play equipment, recreational field, shelter, toilet facilities, backstop and volleyball posts.

Northern River Fronts Park

1.5 Acres. Basketball hoops, garden, picnic area, play equipment, recreational field, shelter, and educational garden.

McDonough Park

8.6 Acres. Pickleball courts, basketball hoops, fishing, garden, parking lot, picnic area, play equipment, recreational field area, scenic views, shelter, and access to Dells Pond.

Grover Heights Park

Has an open recreational play area within its nearly nine acres of leisure space, a hard court surface area (4-square & hop scotch) and the Eau Claire Soccer Park. During the winter months, a general ice-skating rink and a snow-banked hockey…

Kessler Park

1.9 Acres. Basketball hoops, play equipment, recreational field, shelter, and baseball/softball field.

Cameron Park

Basketball hoops, play equipment, recreational field area with backstop, shelter house and toilet facilities. 3.4 Acres.

Buffington Park

One of the city's largest neighborhood parks. There is an expansive open recreational field.

Zephyr Hill Park

5.2 Acres.  Basketball hoops, parking lot, play equipment, recreational field, and baseball/softball fields.

Pinehurst Park

5.5 Acres. Hockey rink (boarded), ice skating, nature trails, parking lot, recreational field, scenic views, shelter, BMX bike park/pump track, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, sledding/tubing hill, and toilet facilities.

Newell Park

3 Acres. Basketball hoops, picnic area, picnic shelter, play equipment, recreational field, shelter, baseball/softball field, and toilet facilities.

Demmler Park

4 Acres. Basketball hoops, garden plot (community garden), hockey rink (snowbanked), play equipment, recreational field area, shelter house, and toilet facilities.

Rod and Gun Club Park

12-acre park located northwest of Carson Park on the shores of Half Moon Lake, with access off Clairemont Avenue. Facilities include one picnic pavilion, a sand volleyball court, and many attractive ponds and streams.

Mt. Simon Park

49-acre park located on Dell's Pond with access off either Madison Street or Birch Street. This park offers a boat landing and dock, 2 picnic pavilions, 2 lighted sand volleyball courts, and an 9-hole disc golf course. Mt. Simon Park is also…

Carson Park

One of the more historical parks in the Upper Midwest. Carson Park in Eau Claire contains three major attractions, the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp, the Chippewa Valley Museum, along with Eau Claire's baseball stadium. The Eau Claire Express…

Boyd Park

Boyd Park provides access to the Eau Claire River. People can partake in some shoreline fishing. There is also a pedestrian bridge that crosses the river granting access to city recreational trails on either side of the river. During the…