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Local Legends Logo

Volume One and The Local Store have launched a series of limited-edition, vintage-style tees featuring the logos of famous former businesses we all know and love. We call the series Local Legends, and YOU have picked the tees we've made each year.

Current Collection

Well get ready, because we're launching another Local Legends tee this Holiday Season and once again, YOU get to choose the design! This new collection of contenders includes the top vote-getters that didn't make last year's cut, plus additional suggestions from members of our community. Basically, these ideas came from you, and now you get to pick the winner.

Vote for your THREE favorite options, and/or suggest additional t-shirt ideas below. Voting enters you in a drawing for a $50 Local Store Gift Card! Include your email and we’ll let you know when your picks get made in case you want one. As is the case with all our tees, they'll be printed right here in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Chicken Unlimited

1. Chicken Unlimited

Eau Claire Cycle Shop

2. Eau Claire Cycle Shop

Video Vistas

3. Video Vistas


4. Cassidy's


5. Samuelson's

Wallys Chalet

6. Wally's Chalet

Randall Foods

7. Randall Foods

Tijana Taxi Co.

8. Tijana Taxi Co.

Arnie's Ski and Garden Center

9. Arnie's Ski & Garden Center


10. Fournier's

Kamp O Klare

11. Kamp O’ Klare

Mike's Smokehouse

12. Mike's Smokehouse

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