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Everybody Likes to Win Awards, and We've Got Some to Give...

At the end of every January, the staff at Volume One hosts a fun little event in our gallery where several dozen of our contributors – writers, photographers, and illustrators – gather to eat, drink, and recognize each others’ work from the previous year. We call it The Contriby Awards, and in addition to handing out plenty of hardware ...

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Opening Letters

Icy Reflections

laments swirling around the old neighborhood rink

My kids are seven and five, so they don’t know any better. I like to take them sledding at Mitscher Park, the neighborhood park just a block south of our house. There’s no technical sledding hill in the acre-ish field. It is essentially a big divot in the middle of the grid of houses south of Hamilton Avenue, west of Rudolph Road, and east of State Street ...

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The Rear End
Cover Art

On the Cover | January 27, 2016

learn more about the issue's cover art by Michael Gehrke

This piece was made to be part of Mike’s senior exhibit, which including two other large watercolor paintings and eight pages of a graphic novel. The graphic novel follows the story of Swift ...

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | January 27, 2016

SPOTTED IN DOWNTOWN EAU CLAIRE. The sign attached to this coat (one of several) on Barstow Street says, “I’m not lost! If you need this to stay warm, then please take it. Be warm, and do something to help someone else today if you can.”

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Athletic Aesthetic

Breaking Out Into the Cold

after years as weather wimps, the Vikings tackle subzero weather in memorable game

The thing with El Niño winters is that, despite the overall warmth, you can always get a cold snap here or there. Usually it is nothing like in an ordinary winter, but if the timing is just so ...

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Slow-Fi Project

Two Castles adds emotional weight on new lo-fi EP

Eric Christenson began making sparse lo-fi slices of pop music more than five years ago, a craft he’s meticulously honed into his most recent work as Two Castles ...

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Music Quick Hits | January 2016

The House of Rock announced its complete lineup for this year’s Decadent Cabaret – now in its 37th year putting local bands on stage and challenging them to develop short tribute sets ...

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It's Snow Time

Children’s Theatre brings classic fairy tale to life

Get your singing voices ready and prepare to join the Eau Claire Children’s Theatre this winter in their upcoming musical rendition of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Performances of this song-filled adaption of the Brothers Grimm classic will take place at Eau Claire’s State Theatre from Feb. 4 through Feb. 7 ...

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Raising the Curtain

dancer/singer/actor LaGuardia returns home to teach master class

Eau Claire’s theater and dance scene helped launch Anthony LaGuardia’s professional career as a dancer, singer, and actor. Now he’s come home to return the favor. LaGuardia, a 2009 Memorial High School graduate who has performed in Broadway-level international and national touring companies, will teach a Musical Theatre Master Class ...

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Visual Art

Painting in Numbers

social art classes offer a chance to socialize, drink, and create beautiful art

Social art classes, a creative and fun way to spend time out with friends, have taken the Chippewa Valley by storm. A variety of social art classes are currently offered at places ...

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Museum Can Boost Your Fiber Intake

if you’re dyeing to work flax or hoop rugs, the Fiber Arts Festival is for you

The linguistic shift from craft to art is an intentional one. Things considered crafts are often undervalued and seen as unworthy of being featured in a museum. The Chippewa Valley Museum believes in that value and is celebrating ...

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A Family's Best Friend

remembering her childhood dog, one page at a time

Eau Claire resident Mary Heimstead recently penned a tale about the beloved dog her family had when she was growing up. The book, A Prince of a Dog, was recently awarded the 2015 Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award for outstanding contributions to children’s literature. The national award came with a huge celebration ...

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Thinking Outside the Boxx

downtown salon rents suites, not just chairs, to stylists

When Eau Claire native Nikki Luft opened ArtBoxx Salon & Co. downtown in June 2014, she introduced our city to a new style of business ownership ...

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Local Look

CVTC Event Offers Free Dental Care for Kids

Do you know a kid from a family struggling to afford dental care? If so, here’s something that may put a smile on your face – and theirs as well. Friday, Feb. 5, is Give a Kid a Smile Day at the Chippewa Valley Technical College Dental Clinic in Eau Claire. From 8am to 4pm that day, children ages 2 through 13 will be able to receive free ...

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Longtime Curator Picked to Lead Chippewa Valley Museum

The Chippewa Valley Museum’s longtime curator is now officially its director. Carrie Ronnander, who became interim director last May, was appointed to the job permanently on Jan. 12. “I love this place,” Ronnander said, referring to both Eau Claire and its museum. “Eau Claire is so dynamic right now, and everybody involved in the museum ...

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Eau Claire: Buh-Bye Parking Meters, Hello License Scanner

There’s no need to dig for spare change anymore when parking in parts of downtown Eau Claire. City crews recently removed about 90 parking meters east of Farwell Street along Dewey and Gray streets and Grand Avenue. The formerly metered spots will now be free, but parkers will be limited to two hours. Leah Ness ...

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Food / Drink
Kid Culture

A Family's Best Friend

remembering her childhood dog, one page at a time

Eau Claire resident Mary Heimstead recently penned a tale about the beloved dog her family had when she was growing up. The book, A Prince of a Dog, was recently awarded the 2015 Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award for outstanding contributions to children’s literature. The national award came with a huge celebration ...

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Walkin' in a Winter Horrorland

paranormal investigator spins tales of the Wendigo

Beware the icy grip of the Wendigo. Get ready for a haunting night of bizarre winter folklore with Chad Lewis, the Chippewa Valley’s own researcher and writer of the supernatural. Lewis has combined all of the strange history and mystery behind the legend of the Wendigo – the cannibalistic creature said to be roaming the coldest ...

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Three Times the Fun

float in a tube, race a go-kart, eat pizza for a good cause

Can you drive a go-kart? How about eat pizza? And are you capable of floating on water in an inner tube? If you answer “yes” to all three questions, you are a potential triathlete ...

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A Clean, Calorie-Burning Commute

with the right attitude and equipment, biking can be a wintertime adventure

My morning preparations are complete so I head out to the garage to mount up for my bicycle commute to work. I’m wearing long johns, boots, a warm coat, a scarf and my insulated gloves ...

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Changing Your Mind

hypnotherapy can be a tool for positive improvement

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of hypnosis? Perhaps it’s the swinging pocket watch luring you into a trance or memories ...

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Get Out and Get Fit

fun ways to stay active (mostly) outside in the winter

We’ve all made the promises before, but that doesn’t stop us from making them again: We’re going to focus on getting fit in the New Year – No, for real this time!

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On the Way to Wellness

feed your mind, body, and mouth at the third annual wellfest

Calling all foodies, health nuts, fitness freaks, and wellness geeks! Think you are living healthfully? Prove it ...

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Spectating: An Endurance Sport of its Own

without people to watch, races are just training sessions with strangers

I am an elite member of the competitive world of distance race spectating. I have worked my way to the first wave of watchers. In my life, I am surrounded by endurance athletes. My husband ...

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