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What Kids Think: Greatest Hits

Over the years we’ve asked Chippewa Valley third-graders to ponder some of the season’s greatest questions, including “What does Santa do all day?” and “What would you put on the table for the holidays?” Here are some of the best replies.

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Making the Place

Placemaking sounds like some urban planning buzzword, and it should because, well, it is. But despite the negative connotation of ‘buzzword,’ placemaking can actually be an integral ...

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Editor's Notes
The Rear End

Bucking the Trend

what we lose when we see more deer

Deer can be pretty annoying to people in a city. Certain town-dwelling folk across the great state of Wisconsin have learned to despise the majestic whitetail, seeing them less as a noble animal and more as a giant pesky rat with really long ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Nov. 21, 2013

learn about this issue's cover art by Kristi Schumacher

"The August Silos photo was taken in 2011 on my farm near Eau Claire-it’s one of my favorites. In fact many of my photos are taken at the farm, or within a few miles of it. My paintings and drawings are created in a realistic style in pencil and ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Nov. 21, 2013

REACHIN’ FOR THE ROCK. On Saturday, November 16, the Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts hosted “Power Balladz: The Ultimate ‘80s Sing-Along” – a loving tribute to the heyday of the hair band.

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Athletic Aesthetic

Are We Over-Pinking It?

commercial novelty of ‘awareness’ football gear threatens to eclipse worthy causes

Watching football this autumn, you may be wondering if new parts of uniform design were the color pink and pattern camouflage. Uniforms, goal posts, and towels were some of the many football accoutrements to sport the trim. All for good reason ...

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In Defense of Fruitcake

The Christmas loaf people love to hate is better than you think. In fact, it’s a metaphor for the holiday.

This time of year, the world is divided into two kinds of people: Those who love fruitcake, and those who haven’t tried it.

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Rising from the Dust

new band testifies to faith, taps alt-rock and folk roots

I’d like you to imagine a house: not just any house – a home. It’s a inviting home, even in the coldest of winters, filled with sunshine and the comforting roar of a fire burning steadily in the hearth. It’s the kind of home you hope to be ...

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Valley Roots, Southern Rock

ex-local musician John Cranford fronts South Carolina band

Former Chippewa Vallian John Cranford has done it again, this time blending his guitar skills with Southern rock and fiddle music in his band’s version of American rock ’n’ roll. Although previously known as Cranford & Sons, this South ...

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It's a Rudy-full Thing

“Rudy” returns to Fanny Hill for Christmas

What would you do if you found out you were related to legendary Christmas-hater Ebenezer Scrooge? That’s the situation for the lovable Rudy in Don Hodgins’ latest yuletide comedy, A Carol of a Christmas, at Fanny Hill ...

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Yuletide Yuks

Honeytree gang has stories and songs for the season

About 10 years ago, sparked mostly by Suzie Kendziera’s childhood love of Christmas rolled over to adulthood, she and her husband, Matt, began performing Christmas shows that included a musical element highlighting renditions of Christmas ...

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Written on the Water

poet’s debut collection has elemental inspirations

“It might seem odd for someone who has lived virtually his entire life in Northwestern Wisconsin to write a book of poetry and prose about the sky and the sea,” writes Kevin Johnson in the introduction to his first published book ...

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Mike on the Mic

author Perry to get Actors Studio-style grilling

One of the not-so-secret secrets to best-selling author Michael Perry’s success is that his talent as a writer is inextricably tied to his talent as a storyteller. Those who’ve read and loved his memoirs (which include Population 485 ...

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Visual Art

Take a Ride

Amery artist pairs bicycles with landscapes in a unique show at the EC library

There’s nothing quite like taking a bike ride through rural fields and rolling hills. The open air gives you a sense of freedom and inspiration that you can’t get while walking or buzzing by in a car. Amery-based artist Gregg Rochester’s ...

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Cheesehead Cinema

deadline nears to enter Wisconsin Film Festival

Film festivals aren’t just for ski resorts and the French Riviera: We’ve got one in the Badger State, too. The Wisconsin Film Festival screens 150 films over eight days each April in Madison. All of them are linked to Wisconsin, either because ...

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Local Look

Waiting for a Transfer

at long last, Eau Claire could get a new bus center

After years of waiting for federal dollars that never came, Eau Claire officials have finally decided that they’ll have to make the first move to replace the city’s outdated bus transfer center. The City Council voted recently to ...

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Gas-Sipping Savings

hybrid buses are pretty, and they save the city money too

If you live in Eau Claire, you’ve undoubtedly seen (or ridden in) the three mural-bedecked buses that have been plying the streets since spring. In addition to being beautiful (the designs are courtesy a trio of UW-Eau Claire students), the buses ...

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Committee to City: Cut Bag Use by 80%

A city committee hopes that education – not coercion – will help Eau Claire residents sock it to their sack habit. The City Council-appointed Sustainable Bag Committee met for months in the hopes of reducing plastic (and paper) bag waste in ...

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Kid Culture

Bringing the Outdoors In

children’s museum unveils two new exhibits

Kids love new. Whether it is new toys, new adventures, or (gasp!), new things to learn. To a kid whatever “it” is, it always has that “just unwrapped Christmas present” feel. The Water Works, Body Smarts, and Bitty City exhibits have been ...

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Other Stuff

Questioning the Locals | Sarah Stokes

get to know your neighbors!

After brightening newscasts with her best-in-the-Chippewa Valley smile for eight years, WEAU anchorwoman Sarah Stokes will sign off the airwaves for the last time Dec. 6. The accomplished newswoman plans to start her own business and be a ...

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Feed My People Banks on Generosity

Feed My People Food Bank’s mission is right in its name: Feeding the hungry across the region. With the help of its Eau Claire warehouse and a small fleet of refrigerated trucks, the nonprofit group distributes 6 million pounds of food to more ...

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