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Note from the Editor | Oct. 4, 2012

Every year this thing seems to get bigger – more categories, more votes, and more fun. It’s the results of the Volume One Best of the Valley Reader Poll! You’ll notice this issue looks a little different than usual. That’s because we’ve ditched ...

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The Rear End

The French Correction

can one great restaurant answer our local prayers?

You know what this town needs? A French restaurant, right? Right? French food is awesome and I could eat it, like, all day. But all the restaurants around here are boring and uninspired and they’re all chains and they’re all dumb and it sucks ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Oct. 4, 2012

learn about this issue's cover art by Ian Kloster

The imagery for this issue, contrived from those cultural experiences of living in the Chippewa Valley for six years, offers a glimpse of a fun, colorful community, that helped make him who he is. The work is accomplished with acrylic paint ...

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The Thundermen Keep Rollin'

local rock-n-roll veterans celebrate 50 years

The Thundermen aren’t your average rock band – not only because they claim to be the Chippewa Valley’s first and rock ‘n roll band, but also because they have been playing together since that time. Yeah, that’s 50 years ...

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Tuesday: Funny Men

L.E. Phillips Library reading to bring the comedy

If you love reading, you know that hearing writers read their own work is a delight. They just have a way with their own words, I guess. The L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library in Eau Claire has a great event coming up, called ...

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Flyway Film Festival 2012

Once again the Lake Pepin Art & Design Center in Pepin and the Widespot Performing Arts Center in Stockholm will play host to the Flyway Film Festival – a festival showcasing films from close to home and international filmmakers. The festival ...

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Other Stuff

Attack of the Zombie Crawl

undead come shambling back for year two of ghoulish fun

Can’t wait for Halloween? Love zombies more than any creature? From Night of the Living Dead to current Walking Dead zombies, for you 21+ participants, you can represent yourself in any genre of zombie at the Zombie Crawl for its second year ...

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