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Everyone’s Watching

Eau Claire is in a unique position as the music scene hits another high note

Now that Mr. Vernon has blazed a trail, all sorts of people are asking about the music scene.

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The Rear End
Opening Shots
Athletic Aesthetic

Science Project

young duo takes a new musical direction

Unlike previous efforts, The New Science focuses on ethereal, introspective songwriting.

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Visual Art

Incendiary Tactics

artist Eric Lee has a fiery visual technique

Sprinkling his work with gunpowder and different dried plants, Lee ignites the gunpowder ...

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Art Crawl at Banbury Place

glass artists Laurie Bieze, Adam Fuller organize event

On the first weekend in February, 25 local visual artists will fill historic Banbury Place ...

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Little Releases

Carmike testing limited release films in local market

Carmike is testing art and independent film series ... so you can stop complaining for a while.

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