5:30-9:30pm Tue. Jan. 22

Training Tuesday CPR/AED and First Aid Part 1 of 2 (Initial)

This CPR/AED and First Aid Part 1 course is designed for anyone with little or no medical training who wants to be prepared for an emergency. Register online.

Life Safety Training Center 2425 Seymour Road, Eau Claire

Cost: $65

Age: 15+

6:30-7:30pm Tue. Jan. 22

Self Defense for Every Day Life - Session 3

Learn many strategies to protect yourself in everyday life. Classes will cover situations like defense against chokes, bear hugs, wrist grabs, headlocks, and more. Pre-Registration can be done online or at the Altoona Parks & Recreation Office.

River Prairie Center 1445 Front Porch Place, Altoona

Cost: $20

Age: 13+

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