5:30-7pm Thu. Jun. 27

Advance Your Asana: Intermediate Backbends

Builds on the Backbend Foundations Workshop and introduces intermediate backbend poses to improve spinal flexibility and strengthen the backside of the body. Prior experience with backbending is helpful, but this workshop will be accessible to all levels of backbending.

Latitude 44 Yoga Studio 313 E. Madison St., Eau Claire

Cost: $20 ($16 for members)

Age: 16+

6:30-7:30pm Thu. Jun. 27

Yoga & Beer

Enjoy a chill 60 minute yoga practice before you enjoy some tasty beer. There will be a few extra mats to use.

Modicum Brewing 3732 Spooner Ave, Altoona

Cost: Sliding scale: $5-15

6:30-7:45pm Thu. Jun. 27

Arm Balancing 2.0

This workshop will cover a variety of "other arm balances" like side crow, flying pigeon, flying lizard, funky flying crow, all the eka padas and anything else requested! Start with some core conditioning and finish with some stretches, you will leave feeling strong and energetic.

The Yoga Room 2839 Mall Dr., Eau Claire

Cost: $10 member/$20 non-members

Age: 18+

8-9pm Thu. Jun. 27

Self Defense - Session 1

Classes will cover situations including: front kicks, rear attacks, striking defenses and much more. Come learn various techniques to subdue your opponent and gain compliance in the situation.

River Prairie Park 1419 Front Porch Place, Altoona

Cost: $20

Age: Adult (16+)

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