5-6pm Mon. Apr. 15

Weekly Gentle Yoga

This class is for anyone looking for a slower gentle yoga class. The focus will be on mind, body, and breath connection. Great for stress reduction and melting away tension. Some relaxation poses are held for several breaths to invite release of muscle tension. Very beginner friendly.

Menomonie Market Food Co-op 814 Main St. East, Menomonie

Cost: $10

Age: 18+

5:30-6:15pm Mon. Apr. 15

Fitness 3...2...1

Come join this high energy, full body workout and see the benefits yourself. Workouts will always be different and consist of exercises for improving your strength, cardio and core.

River Prairie Center 1445 Front Porch Place, Altoona

Cost: $25

Age: Adult (16+)

6-7:15pm Mon. Apr. 15

Gentle Yoga

Provides all the benefits of the yoga experience at a slower and steadier pace. It helps you reduce stress, feel strong yet flexible in your body and increase positive energy. Participants can purchase 10 classes at a time, which they can use during the fall, winter and spring yoga class sessions.

Wise Nature Center, Beaver Creek Reserve S1 Cty Rd. K, Fall Creek

Cost: 10-class Pack Friends, $80, Nonmembers $100; At the door $10 Friends, $12 Nonmembers

6:30-7:30pm Mon. Apr. 15

Ebb & Slow Flow Yoga- Session 1

You will learn to still the mind and be present in the moment. We will be moving a bit slower to focus on alignment and giving your body a chance to really get into the poses. All fitness levels welcome.

River Prairie Center 1445 Front Porch Place, Altoona

Cost: $15

Age: Adult

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