9am-2pm Sun. Mar. 24

3-Day Barre Teacher Training

Maria Mathison, Lead Teacher at Latitude 44 Yoga Studio, will be leading this informative Barre Training. Over the course of the training, we will be discussing positions and poses, class structure, cueing, harnessing your creativity, safety and alignment, and practicing Barre.

Latitude 44 Yoga Studio 313 E. Madison St., Eau Claire

Cost: Tuition: $349 through Jan. 20; $399 Jan. 21 and after

1-2pm Sun. Mar. 24

Flexibility/Movement Training

A weekly accessable flexibility, movement and fitness class. Designed for everyone and anyone interested in obtaining their movement and flexibility goals safely, with guidance by certified teacher Emalee Siehl.

Dragonfly Dance & Wellness 308 N Barstow Street, Eau Claire

Cost: 15

Age: All Ages

5-7pm Sun. Mar. 24

Spring Equinox Workshop

The Spring equinox is a perfect time to let go of the past and of the winter season and set positive intentions for the new Spring season. This two-hour workshop combines yin yoga, intention setting, and guided meditation with singing bowls to de-clutter the mind and body.

Latitude 44 Yoga Studio 313 E. Madison St., Eau Claire

Cost: $30 (+ discount for members)

Age: 16+

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