6-7:30pm Thu. Mar. 21

Wandering Spirits: Tattersall Distilling

An evening in celebration of Tattersall Distillery from Minneapolis. Welcoming Patrick Orlopp from Tattersall as he gives us a little from-a-distance tour of the distillery and an introduction to who they are and what motivates them to do what they do. Take a tasting from their impressive portfolio.

The Oxbow Hotel 516 Galloway St., Eau Claire

Cost: $20

Age: 21+

6-9pm Thu. Mar. 21

Listen: Rachel Hanson (of The Last Revel) and Greg Gilbertson

Eat, drink and socialize from 6-7 and then adjourn to the quiet, cozy listening area, where the music will begin at 7pm. There will be an intermission between sets, giving guests additional time for socializing and refreshment.

Forage 930 Galloway St., Building 13, Suite 212, Eau Claire

Cost: $10

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