9:30-11am Wed. Mar. 20

Weekly Bird Banding

Beaver Creek Reserve Bird Banders have been banding birds for 20+ years. Visit with the Bird Banders during their weekly banding sessions. Watch and learn how and why they band birds. Learn about bird identification, how birds are caught and banded, and meet some birds up close.

Wise Nature Center, Beaver Creek Reserve S1 Cty Rd. K, Fall Creek

Cost: FREE

5:30-6:30pm Wed. Mar. 20

Up Your Marketing Game in 2019: "50 Tips You Can Use Today!"

Learn how to help your small business grow using social media, seasonal marketing, loyalty programs, promotions, and more! Presented by The Western Dairyland Business Center.

Augusta Memorial Public Library 113 North Stone St, Augusta

Cost: FREE

Age: All Ages

7pm Wed. Mar. 20

Ask a Scientist: Genetic Testing

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing is very popular, the most popular tests use genetic variations to make predictions about health, provide information about common traits, and offer clues about a person's ancestry. But the results of these tests may not be as clear-cut as many people assume.

Acoustic Cafe - Eau Claire 505 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire

Cost: FREE

Age: All Ages

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