Nobody Cares What You Think (And Other Lessons Learned from a Decade of Column Writing)

After penning over 340 personal columns for Volume One, writer Mike Paulus has come to a simple conclusion: nobody really cares what he thinks about life. Figuring out what they do care about – and if he can offer it – is a moving target that has shaped his writing over the past 14 years. What began as a simple column in a friend's zine soon grew to become a beloved part of Wisconsin culture, earning Paulus regional recognition and regular spots on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Wisconsin Life and Central Time. Join Mike Paulus to discover how his style, skills, and attitude have evolved over the years, as he offers practical tips for the most important writerly lesson of all: how to start with a blank page and deliver something week after week.

Mike Paulus has worked in local publishing for almost two decades. He's been an editor with Volume One Magazine for over 10 years, where his "Rear End" column has appeared since 2004. He also hosts Volume One's "Let's Be Honest" grownup storytelling night. He's a frequent contributor to Wisconsin Public Radio's Wisconsin Life program, and he's hosted multiple cat shows. He grew up on the west side of Eau Claire, but he lives on the Eastside Hill with his wife and two kids. 


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Thu. Jan. 17, 2019   7pm

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