Startup 48

Startup 48 is for anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship and wants to meet like-minded individuals in our community. Attendees have a wide variety of backgrounds - including developers, coders, designers, marketers, financiers, and business owners. Regardless of your background, everyone from serial entrepreneurs to those who are just curious about startups is encouraged to attend! Ticket cost includes all meals for the weekend. All attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops, tablets, cell phones, etc. Wear some comfortable clothes, and be ready to collaborate and have fun!

Cost: $95 General Admisison, Student and Veteran ticket cost $45

Age: 18+


This event is over.

Fri. Oct. 12, 2018   6pm

Sat. Oct. 13, 2018

Sun. Oct. 14, 2018   midnight-8pm

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