Phil Circle Solo Show

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Phil Circle returns to Eau Claire for this intimate 90 minute show, in which he'll perform his own material and a selection of covers with his own spin on them.


After living in The Chippewa Valley for nearly six years, Phil returned home to Chicago in 2016. Since then he's rewritten and properly published his book (originally put together during his stay in Eau Claire) and received outstanding reviews of the newly formatted and expanded story of his life so far as an independent musician. "The Outback Musician's Survival Guide" is available in ebook or print everywhere books are found online.

Phil also released a single in 2017. "What I Mean" was rated among the top 150 new releases by one radio station, and has not only trended widely on independent and online radio, but has brought new attention to Phil's older material.

At age 52, Phil Circle shows no signs of slowing down in a career that has spanned 30+ years. Regaining his health a few years ago and stepping back out into the world of the independent musician, he has developed his work into something a bit more than just playing shows. Always a teacher, he has now become something of a DIY advocate. Using the almost weekly media attention he's been receiving lately, he's been speaking up for people to continue the trend of supporting music of their own choosing. Stream an independent. Buy independent. Join the movement away from the mainstream.

Cost: $5 cover goes directly to artist


This event is over.

Fri. Jul. 27, 2018   7-8:30pm

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