Sounds Like Summer Concert Series: Resonant Rogues + Red Tide + Intuitive Compass

Resonant Rogues + Red Tide + Intuitive Compass

The Resonant Rogues is the songwriting soul child of partners Sparrow and Keith J. Smith. With influences that include Appalachian old-time, Balkan folk music, Swing Manouche, and early New Orleans Jazz, they take their favorite flavors and blend them into a delicious, danceable dish.

Inspired by the sweet lullabies of the ebb and flow of the ocean, Red Tide offers contemporary, soulful listening.

Opener: Intuitive Compass is the diverse talents of songwriter and guitar pioneer, Jason Dea West taken together with old time circus freak and accordionist Aurelia Anne Cohen.



Cost: FREE

Age: All Ages


This event is over.

Thu. Jun. 14, 2018   6pm

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