Beginners Kombucha Brewing Class

Enjoy drinking kombucha? Ever wonder what it actually is and how it's made? Look no further! All (or most?) of your 'booch related questions can be answered in this 1.5 hour, hands-on class! Participants do not need to know a single thing about kombucha or brewing. Come to learn and ask questions! During this class, participants will watch a demo of the brewing process, get up close and personal with a mother culture, and assemble their own kits to brew at home. Different types of kombucha will be tasted (or stick to beer or wine if that's what you're feeling!). Common questions to be answered: What on Earth IS kombucha? What's that mushroom-looking thing you put in it? What are the benefits of drinking kombucha? What types of teas should I use? What about sugars? How can I flavor it? How does carbonation work? All participants will leave the class with a kit and printed instructions that will allow them to brew at home. Kits include a SCOBY, starter liquid, loose-leaf tea, sugar, and a few essential supplies to make home-brewing a bit easier! Kits will be assembled by participants during the class. Beer, wine, and light snacks will be served. Must be 21+ to purchase and consume alcohol. Tickets must be purchased in advance in order to guarantee enough supplies for all participants. Due to the ordering of supplies in advance, ticket sales cannot be refunded, but payment can be applied to future classes if necessary (or a private session, if need be!). It's a fun class led by a very personable and candid instructor. Come one, come all!

Cost: $35

Age: All Ages


This event is over.

Sun. Apr. 22, 2018   2-3:30pm

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