Gallery Friday: Sarah Vos and Daniel Wolff (of Dead Horses)

Raised on Bible hymns by her preacher father, Dead Horses frontwoman Sarah Vos' backstory sounds more like that of an old bluesman from the Mississippi Delta than a young folk singer from Wisconsin. Despite their youth, Dead Horses have crafted a timeless sound informed as much by early-American prose as it is modern Americana music.

"In an age of stark division during yet another hyper-polarized election cycle, in a time when even playing the National Anthem sends the Internet into apoplectic shock, when the threat of random violence leads to a level of heightened awareness which verges on paranoia, Dead Horses’ universal idea that we are bound by a common need to share our love and to hope for better times seems not only fitting, it’s actually much needed." -National Road Magazine "Cartoon Moon" album review on September 21, 2016

Cost: $10


This event is over.

Fri. Feb. 9, 2018   8-10pm

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