CPR/AED/First Aid Training

First Aid and CPR / AED courses are designed to teach the basic life support skills needed to render emergency care when needed. The knowledge of what to do in an emergency, and perhaps even more importantly, what not to do could make the difference between life and death or permanent disability.

Cost: Member $70, Community $95

Age: 15+


This event is over.

Sat. Feb. 3, 2018   9:15am-2pm

Sat. Apr. 7, 2018   9:15am-2pm

Sat. May. 5, 2018   9:15am-2pm

Sat. May. 19, 2018   9:15am-2pm

Sat. Jun. 9, 2018   9:15am-2pm

Sat. Aug. 4, 2018   9:15am-2pm

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