Ask a Scientist: Plants and CO2 Absorption

Atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) plays a critical role in climate as one of the atmospheric "greenhouse" gases. CO 2 has also been rising exponentially since the industrial revolution. This phenomenon has garnered tremendous efforts to identify and quantify both sources of CO 2 emissions and CO 2 sinks to understand short- and long-term global carbon budgets. Plants take up CO 2 to construct new growth and fuel their existence, so they serve as vital sinks for atmospheric CO 2 . Some have asked why plants do not simply grow more and thus moderate thisunprecedented rise in CO 2 concentration. This talk will present some background and research from a long-term study in tallgrass prairie that has demonstrated that plants often do not take up as much CO 2 as their biochemistry would predict. I will discuss what might cause this acclimation to elevated CO 2 and some implications as we attempt to forecast future changes in atmospheric CO 2.

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Wed. Jan. 17, 2018   7pm

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