Forms and Experiments - Kate Bradley and CV Peterson

Kate Bradley lives in Wausau, WI and studied art at the University of Wisconsin and Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD). She was introduced to stone carving (soapstone and alabaster) by an artist she greatly admired, primarily to experience the medium. She uses the process called taille directe or direct carving, carving directly into the stone without first making a model from another medium such as clay or plaster. Bradley has developed a course she teaches on intuitive painting, and is also available for stone carving lessons at Studio de la Paloma. CV Peterson is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Eau Claire, WI. Their work combines scientific exploration and art as a way to examine environmental devastation. They have exhibited at the Chicago Architecture Biennale 2015 and 2017, Shanghai Zhu Qizhan Art Museum in China, the CICA Museum in South Korea, Forward Fringe Performance Festival in Detroit, Out of Site Chicago, and the Performance Arcade in New Zealand. CV is an active member in the national and international art community, and the founder of Envisage Artist Retreat.


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Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday until Feb. 10, noon-5pm

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