Gallery Friday: Orchid Eaton + Candid Kid

The Eaton was sunk in 1969. The same year Gary Usher and my Eau Claire hometown hero, Curt Boettcher made their last record as Sagittarius; the immersive, sunshiny, Moog-strewn, hippie nadir ‘The Blue Marble.’

Somehow it all made sense. Orchid Eaton is a Minneapolis/Eau Claire basement pop amalgamation of Matt Leavitt (EMOT, Moon & Pollution) & Brian Moen (Peter Wolf Crier, Laarks, Shouting Matches). Two dads who revere earth-toned vibe, semi-working gear, & creative candor.

Cost: $7

Age: All Ages


This event is over.

Fri. Dec. 1, 2017   8-10pm

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The Oxbow Hotel
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