ABV Club: Beer and Food Pairings 101

Chef Nathan Berg is tackling one of his favorite subjects – matching beers and foods.

The resurgence in craft beer over the past two decades has finally allowed beer to take its rightful place alongside wine and spirits as a beverage worthy of accompanying some of the best foods in the world. But what goes with what? Sure, you can probably look something up online and get a vague idea of a good match. But participants in this class will learn in detail about the various methods of marrying brews and chews. This will include covering the various styles of beers and the foods they play well with, but also instruction on how to pair a specific beer to a specific dish…and vica versa.

Attendees will get to sample a variety of different foods and beers, to learn first-hand about the joys of finding the right match!

Class is $20/person. Class starts at 7pm and lasts approx. 2 hours. You can also just show up the night of the event, but there is a limited number of slots available so plan accordingly.

Cost: $20/person


This event is over.

Thu. Nov. 16, 2017   7-9pm

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