Backwards Thinkers Society Show

Backwards Thinkers Society is a college Improv theater group at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. No scripts, no preparation, no cares in the world. Just laughs and a bunch of people having a good time. They like long walks on the beach, dinosaurs, shenanigans, and you.

Cost: FREE

Age: 18+


This event is over.

Thu. Sep. 21, 2017   8-9pm

Thu. Oct. 5, 2017   8-10pm

Thu. Oct. 19, 2017   8-9pm

Thu. Nov. 2, 2017   8-10pm

Thu. Nov. 16, 2017   8-9pm

Thu. Nov. 30, 2017   8-10pm

Thu. Dec. 14, 2017   8-9pm

Thu. Feb. 1, 2018   8-9pm

Thu. Feb. 22, 2018   8-9pm

Thu. Mar. 15, 2018   8-10pm

Thu. Apr. 5, 2018   8-9pm

Thu. May. 3, 2018   8-9pm

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