There’s Only One: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Art Exhibit

There’s Only One: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Art Exhibit Come see 10 internationally acclaimed artists whose inspiring art is helping protect the Arctic Refuge’s beauty, wilderness and majesty. How do millions of majestic acres 3000 miles away affect the plants and animals right here in Eau Claire WI? How does this wondrous wildlife refuge affect each person in Eau Claire WI? Starting April 21 to June 8 Galaudet Gallery’s new Exhibit There’s Only One: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge answers these profound questions by featuring art so astonishing it has influenced, inspired, and reshaped the thinking of this legendary land in the minds of politicians and everyday people. Activist artists whose talents are instrumental in conserving this important wilderness ecosystem share their love of nature. Each of the four gallery rooms is dedicated to different ways artists see The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with glances at other special places that were protected through art’s power or that need to be protected.

The Tower Room named for its curved tower shows the Refuge from Afar with Florian Schulz’s amazing aerial photography of life on the Refuge’s coastal plain, Vicki Milewski’s dreams of the Refuge with her Warholian flowers and rivers running into her heart and Sebastião Salgado’s spiritual vision of the Brooks Mountain Range—the southern spine of the refuge and creator of the Refuge’s many rivers. These visionary artists will transport each visitor as if they just fell like a drop of rain from the sky into the sights, sounds and tastes of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Bay Room named for its wonderful bay window with geometric leaded glass holds the Refuge Birds with a wide assortment of art showing the birds of the Refuge and if your timing is right you’ll hear the music of these birds singing as captured by Martyn Stewart. Photos by Subanker Banerjee, who lived in the Refuge for a complete year to capture all four seasons, are in this part and elsewhere in the exhibit. There are also photos by Steven Kazlowski and Hugh Rose who have made careers out of taking extraordinary avian photographs. The Studio Room named for its present-day use as an artist studio shows the Refuge Concord with art from famed Japanese-American photographer Michio Hoshino and others depicting wildlife like salmon, polar bears, caribou and wolves. This is also where the watercolor prints of Bob Hines show fish and polar bears as seen in the 1920’s and 30’s on the land that 40 years later became the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Galaudet Gallery co-owner Vicki Milewski adds, “We are also honoring the 70th year of the distribution of Frank Dufreshne’s book Alaska’s Animals and Fishes copyrighted in 1946 and distributed in 1947 which showed a vibrant ecosystem and abundant life in the area now known as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This book refutes those people who claim there is 'nothing' in the refuge worth protecting."

Cost: FREE

Age: All Ages


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Every Day until Jun. 8, noon-8pm

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