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Wed. Jun. 15th, 2016

You, at Night in the Summer

Mike Paulus, design by Janae Breunig

echoing across your neighborhood skies all season long

Fri. May. 20th, 2016

Bygone Derby Days

Mike Paulus, design by Serena Wagner

my racing days are long over, but their lessons linger

The Daily Shakedown

Fri. May. 13th, 2016

7 Cheesy Wisconsin Cheese Stats

Brian Sheridan, Mike Paulus

If you haven’t been on the edge of all your Wisconsin agricultural news, then you’re missing out some cheesy new numbers published by Wisconsin AgConnection. In short we're shredding it ...

Fri. May. 6th, 2016

Public Private

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

finding a secluded space in the middle of the city

Wed. Apr. 20th, 2016

Snowflakes and Cereal

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

cold mornings are still bright mornings

Thu. Apr. 7th, 2016

The Spurn Lane

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

lessons learned on the cold, harsh highway of life

Thu. Mar. 24th, 2016

Why the River

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

local waterways show us strange things in the spring

Tue. Mar. 8th, 2016

Worth Its Weight in Cold

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Ian Kloster

this winter still has a lesson or two to teach

Thu. Mar. 3rd, 2016

Sleeping Queens: play your cards to awaken napping nobles

Mike Paulus, photos by Serena Wagner

This is the one game both of my kids (6 and 9) almost always want to play. They’re sometimes finicky when it comes to games, cycling through short phases of what they like, but Sleeping Queens ...

The Daily Shakedown

Fri. Feb. 19th, 2016

Passenger Rail Photos From Eau Claire in the mid 1950s

Mike Paulus, photos by John Anderson

We caught sight of these terrific passenger rail photos on the You Know You are From Eau Claire When... Facebook page. They were taken by John Anderson, who grew up in Eau Claire in the '50s and 60's before leaving in 1967 ...

The Daily Shakedown

Wed. Feb. 17th, 2016

Taste of the Valley to Return This Summer

Mike Paulus, photos by Nick Meyer

"On Sunday, June 5th, Phoenix Park will be transformed into a festival grounds celebrating the culinary arts. Festgoers will be treated to local musical entertainment throughout the day and the kiddos ..."

Thu. Feb. 11th, 2016

We Use Shovels Here

Mike Paulus, design by Serena Wagner

snowblowers are for people with no sense of place

Wed. Jan. 27th, 2016

So Very Cold: You may have noticed that wintertime is now

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Beth Czech

It was 19 degrees this morning, so I opted to put on a thick flannel shirt instead of a coat. “A coat?” I thought. “Let’s not go crazy here. I mean, it’s only going to get warmer as the day goes on, right?” So I left my coat hanging there by the door ...

Thu. Jan. 14th, 2016

Looking Ahead 2016

Eric Christenson, Mike Paulus, Tom Giffey, photos by Andrea Paulseth

2016 will be huge for the Chippewa Valley – here’s some stuff we’re looking forward to covering

Thu. Jan. 14th, 2016

Dark Winter Light

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

the cold curiosities we find hiding in the night

The Daily Shakedown

Wed. Jan. 6th, 2016

Brewing Projekt Sets Sights on Cannery District Building Renovation

Mike Paulus

Some great-looking news from William Glass, owner of The Eau Claire Brewing Project LLC, (“The Brewing Projekt”) and founding owner of The Fire House in downtown Eau Claire. Glass is looking to negotiate the purchase of a property located at 1807 Oxford Avenue, near the small batch brewery’s ...

Mon. Jan. 4th, 2016

Tristan Splichal studies the cello and the mixing deck

Mike Paulus

Many musicians strive to master multiple instruments, often spanning different musical genres and skill sets. Some take it a notch further. Take Eau Claire eighth-grader Tristan Splichal, for instance, who’s just as comfortable with bows and strings as he is with phasers, flangers, and beat matching ...

Wed. Dec. 23rd, 2015

Monroe, Wisconsin

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

in the very beginning, I got there first

The Daily Shakedown

Wed. Dec. 9th, 2015

Local Holiday Cover Tunes (2015 Edition)

Mike Paulus

As you read this, Volume One is proud to be hosting 2015's collection of classic Christmas tunes covered by a bunch of local and formerly local musicians – We Wish You Eau Claire-y Christmas ...

The Daily Shakedown

Fri. Dec. 4th, 2015

Blue Ox Music Festival to return in June, announces performers

Mike Paulus

Heads up! In a press release this week, the Blue Ox Music Festival has revealed it's 2016 dates and a partial lineup, returning June 9–11, featuring the likes of Railroad Earth, Leftover Salmon, Sam Bush, Pert Near Sandstone, Blitzen Trapper, and Whiskey Shivers. Tickets are on sale now. Check out the details:

Wed. Nov. 18th, 2015

Keith Olsen wields his cards in world contest

Mike Paulus, photos by Andrea Paulseth

How many of you can claim to be ranked fourth in the United States at ... well, anything? Well, if you happen to be 11-year-old Pokémon player Keith Olsen, you just raised your hand. The Altoona 5th grader traveled to Boston late last August to compete in the 2015 Pokémon World Championships ...

Wed. Nov. 11th, 2015

The Quiet Rolls In

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

sitting in the trees right before dark, and listening

Wed. Nov. 4th, 2015

5 Meaningful Holiday Traditions (you can start this year!)

Mike Paulus

You’ve probably heard that the key to cutting through the stress and overstimulation of the holiday season is to keep things simple. But that’s easier said than done, especially when most of the season is geared around impossible visions of perfection which will probably cost a fortune and leave you ...

Wed. Oct. 28th, 2015

Probable Gobble

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

an unsolicited tour through my holiday dinner

Wed. Oct. 14th, 2015

All Across the Floor

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

our eyes can play tricks on us, but so can something else

Mon. Oct. 5th, 2015

Best of 2015 - Staff Pick: Most Outstanding Sue Orfield

Mike Paulus

Every year we do this Best Of poll, local saxophonist Sue Orfield (either by herself or in one of her various bands) tops the Best Blues Band and Best Jazz Band categories, usually placing first or second – as she did this year, when she also ranked in the top 10 of the Best Rock Band category ...

Fri. Oct. 2nd, 2015

Best of 2015 - Staff Pick: "Highest" Bridge

Mike Paulus

With no less than four different bridge repair and reconstruction projects underway this year, the summer of 2015 was quite a time for Eau Claire – a.k.a. the “City of Bridges.” However, one bridge in particular stands tallest amongst its spantastic brethren. You can’t deny it ...

Wed. Sep. 30th, 2015

The Best of the Me 2015

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

this year’s Best of the Mike Paulus Poll was a craa-zee!

The Daily Shakedown

Thu. Sep. 24th, 2015

Target Troll/Chippewa Valley Native Mike Melgaard Strikes Again!

Mike Paulus

Hey, remember Altoona High School graduate Mike Melgaard? He's mostly known as the "Target Troll," because last month he posed as a Target customer service representative to troll people leaving hateful comments and boycott threats on Target's Facebook page – in response to the company's decision ...

The Daily Shakedown

Wed. Sep. 23rd, 2015

Do Locals Leave Eau Claire to Find Love? Indeed They Do.

Mike Paulus

Recently, the Star Tribune ran an essay from local UW-Eau Claire English professor Katie Vagnino entitled, Lonely in Eau Claire: Why I started commuting to Minneapolis for romance. The essay details the quest of a local 33-year-old serial monogamist who ...

The Daily Shakedown

Wed. Sep. 23rd, 2015

Take a Look: Water Street Bridge Demolition

Mike Paulus, photos by Tina Ecker

Eau Claire photographer Tina Ecker was out and about this week when she snapped some shots of this demolition crew in their nutty-looking space suits, cutting apart the old Water Street bridge to make way for its replacement.

Wed. Sep. 16th, 2015

Pull Your Shelf Together

Mike Paulus, design by Serena Wagner

these books don't have to go home, but they can't stay here

Wed. Sep. 9th, 2015

Get On That: Menomonie's castle playground

Mike Paulus, photos by Leah Dunbar

The public playground located next to River Heights Elementary in Menomonie would be a fantastic place to romp even without its centerpiece – a super cool, multistory castle. It’s got great swings and bridges, a fun climbing wall, and more than enough classic jungle gym action to keep your kids moving. But the sprawling castle is definitely the belle of the playground ball.

Wed. Sep. 9th, 2015

Carcassonne: weird name, great game

Mike Paulus

If you’re looking to ratchet up family game night (and explore the new breed of “Tabletop” board games roaring into popularity), try Carcassonne. Originally published in Germany and named after a medieval French city, Carcassonne offers the addictive “building” gameplay found in mega-hit Settlers of Catan but ...

Fri. Sep. 4th, 2015

Megan Sauk loves flying on skis

Mike Paulus, photos by Kelsey Smith

The ski jump perched atop Mt. Washington right outside of Eau Claire is hard to miss. But for 10-year-old Megan Sauk, it’s an absolute can’t-miss destination. “Since I was eight months old I have lived in Eau Claire,” she said. “I began ski jumping at age eight.”

Thu. Aug. 20th, 2015

The Shape of Things That Were

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

bow your heads to mourn the loss of goofy local landmarks

The Daily Shakedown

Tue. Aug. 11th, 2015

WPR Covers the Economic Impact of Eau Claire's Music Scene

Mike Paulus

Do yourself a favor and listen to Volume One co-managing editors Tom Giffey and Eric Christenson on Wisconsin Public Radio's Central Time (which aired August 10). They were invited on to discuss the economic impact of Eau Claire's Music scene, as outlined in our huge Music Capital of the North issue.

The Daily Shakedown

Tue. Aug. 11th, 2015

Last Call on the Wagner's Shortcut

Mike Paulus, photos by Nick Meyer

Today! Tuesday, August 11 is the very last day you can cruise through the weird little shortcut running behind Wagner's Lanes in Eau Claire, connecting Brackett Avenue to Fairfax Street. On Wednesday, the often pothole ridden path (which is really a parking lot) will be ...

Thu. Aug. 6th, 2015

Like Moths to the Name

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Janae Breunig

why do we insist on giving each other stupid/awesome nicknames?

The Daily Shakedown

Wed. Jul. 22nd, 2015

GALLERY: Eaux Claires 2015 at 360°

Mike Paulus, photos by Luong Huynh

Volume One contributing photographers Luong Huynh and Lee Butterworth worked hard over a sweltering two days of live shows at the Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival (July 17 and 18). Luong took a little time to grab these fun 360° shots of some of the shows, letting you look around at one of the most talked about music festivals of the summer.

Wed. Jul. 8th, 2015

One Guy One Night

Mike Paulus

the bar looks empty, but it’s definitely full of it