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Eric Rasmussen is a teacher, writer, father of two and Eau Claire native. This essay was previously published on his blog, The Other Eric Rasmussen:

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Thu. Jan. 14th, 2010

Predictions for 0-Ten

Eric Rasmussen, illustrated by Holly Zimmerman

V1’s human crystal ball looks into the near future

Thu. Aug. 6th, 2009

An Army of Me(s)

Eric Rasmussen

reflections of an apparently common-named person

Thu. Jul. 23rd, 2009

Police Reports | July 23, 2009

Eric Rasmussen

Do not assume your neighbor took his kindergarten curriculum about sharing seriously and help yourself to some chicken off his grill.

Thu. Jun. 11th, 2009

Call to the Pen

Eric Rasmussen

former newsman hits for the fences, again

Thu. May. 28th, 2009

Taste of Eau Claire

Eric Rasmussen, photos by Andrea Paulseth

serving up tons of tasty food for a good cause

Thu. May. 28th, 2009

Police Reports | May 28, 2009

Eric Rasmussen

Trying to return clothing purchased at thrift stores to department stores for full price makes hipsters cry.

Thu. May. 28th, 2009

The Age of Yargriculture

Eric Rasmussen

waiting for my life to change now that I have constructed my own raised garden bed

Thu. Apr. 30th, 2009

A New Stunt for the Daredevil

Eric Rasmussen, photos by Coley Beekman

energetic trio releases poetic (and rocking) new album

Thu. Apr. 16th, 2009

Jam Rock Excellence

Eric Rasmussen

local jammers embark on a recording adventure

Thu. Feb. 5th, 2009

Breaking the Post-Holiday Taboo

Eric Rasmussen, illustrated by Ryan Carpentier

it’s OK to talk about Christmas in February; we’ll get through it together ...

Thu. Dec. 4th, 2008

Time to Love Wisconsin

Eric Rasmussen, illustrated by Ryan Carpentier

mauls, oak logs, and a reason to stop complaining about the cold

Thu. Sep. 25th, 2008

That Dress Is Literally Hot

Eric Rasmussen

Now there’s a way to really wear your environmentalism – the Day for Night Solar Dress.

Thu. Jul. 17th, 2008

Growing Out of Our Cars

Eric Rasmussen, illustrated by Ryan Carpentier

changing the way we move takes help from everyone

Thu. May. 8th, 2008

Deciduous Loss

Eric Rasmussen

a botanical tragedy reveals local arbor issues