Stockpiling Saltwater

experiencing the world ... one bottled water at a time

Thu. Oct. 23rd, 2008  |  Kinzy Janssen

This was my first European water; there was no question it deserved prominence.

I’m a Twig Fest Fan

quaint, small-town festival knocks the snark right out of me

Thu. Oct. 23rd, 2008  |  Mike Paulus, illustrated by Beth Czech

A big ribbon-wrapped barrel of kitsch with the word ‘cherish’ hand-painted on the side.

Found Footage Festival

local duo discovers a whole new batch of hysterical clips

Thu. Oct. 23rd, 2008  |  Carrie Weiss

Found Footage Festival will grace Eau Claire with yet another outrageous cinematic experience.

Bird Is the Word

local columnist pens bird-watching book

Thu. Oct. 23rd, 2008  |  Carrie Weiss, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“I’d rather have a live wolverine duct-taped to my face than do one of those things again.”

Sol Men

Irie Sol’s new CD perfectly blends its mixed influences

Thu. Oct. 23rd, 2008  |  Ian Jacoby

Where does a Midwest rock/reggae/rap/dance/whatever band go when it needs to produce an album?